Therapies In Rehabilitation Process and How Counselling Helps

The process of addiction rehabilitation has gained a lot of attention in the last few years. In majority of the cases, it holds great importance as nothing is comparable to our wellness and quality of life. There are several instances when we and the people who are close to us are surrounded by a situation that hampers our health the most. We become so dependent on drugs and alcohol at times that it gets almost impossible to imagine our life without it. This is the time when it gets crucial for all of us to accept how important addiction rehabilitation process is and what outstanding benefits it can shower upon us.  

The contribution of rehabilitation process:

The first step involved in the process of addiction rehabilitation is intake and detox. After the completion of this process of drugs and alcohol detoxification, the patients are ready to undergo the rehabilitation process. In this particular phase, the patients undergoing the treatment realise the prime reason for their inclination towards drugs and handle them perfectly. This is done to ensure that they are able to move ahead positively without depending on drugs or alcohol ever again.

Types of therapies:

In general, there are three diverse types of therapies in this practice.

Individual Therapy.

Group Therapy.

Family Therapy.

Let’s understand how these three therapies work and help an individual. They are educated about why time management skills are important and how can they make optimum utilisation of time available to them. This prevents their relapsing to drugs. This also helps them in identifying what compels them to take drugs or alcohol and learn how to dodge such situations. This helps in building their will power and confidence as they realise that they are not the only ones who have got trapped in this ill habit. Similarly, it also comforts other patients and motivates them to stay away from this evil. This triggers a quick recovery amongst all the patients. click now for more info about rehabilitation.

Since family plays a major role in everyone’s life, doctors believe that family’s involvement in the treatment will help the patients recover soon. During these sessions, the family members share the issues they are experiencing due to this addiction of their relative and what it means for them to see their family member recover. If proper counselling and apt guidance is taken, the patients and families can work as a team in order to eradicate the addiction problem in the patient forever.  

How is counselling helpful:

When it comes to addiction rehabilitation, counselling offers remarkable benefits. With the help of professional counsellors, the patients can easily identify and understand their behaviours related to their addiction. Several sessions can be carried out individually, but majority of the specialists prefer to conduct such sessions in group. These sittings help the individuals to recognize and understand the recovery programs as they are built to re-establish a healthy behaviour in them. The counsellors also have discussions with the family members of the patient to find additional approaches to fasten the recovery process in the most secure way.

The counsellors who are very well trained in the field have the capability to recognize how addiction affects the person as well as those living around him or her. They work to ensure that the patient comes out of the denial mode first and then make plans along with other doctors and the patient’s family to begin the recovery process. However, if good support is not offered by the family, the patient is usually asked to leave. There are some cases where the colleagues of the patient are also involved to understand additional reasons for this addiction and create apt procedure to recover the person.

It is the responsibility of the rehabilitation counsellors to support the patients in a promising way while they cope with the physical and mental tortures they experience during these therapies. They are committed to teach their patients how significant it is to adapt a healthy lifestyle, for it stimulates good health and a long lif . Their superior and in-depth knowledge on the subject assists the patients in recovering soon in a fashion that they no more feel like falling prey to this evil habit of addiction.  Majority of these patients move out extremely thrilled and motivated to commence a new life outside the rehab clinic.


Group Therapy

This form of therapy involves the patients in group sessions and interactions so that these people fighting from addictions get a chance to interact with each other.


Family Therapy

You will find many rehabilitation centres that provide family therapies as well as a part of their rehabilitation programs. They realise that addiction not only affects an individual, but also has adverse impacts on their family.


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy: This is the therapy where the patients understand when and why they started the consumption of drugs and alcohol. They are then diverted from this activity and encouraged to get involved in different hobbies and activities.

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